Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Grace

Cool stamps, huh? 

Sweet animals all decked out Americanally speaking. Red, white, and ewe.

Little red school house birdhouses! 

A sweet thank-you note, a postcard, photos, and a letter. Oh, what a novel surprise! It's as good as a bottle of rain. Wait until I show you everything. Some things have to be savored before they are shared though. Thank you, Anna. You are a woman with amazing grace. I do like the little bits of white! 

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I try to live, laugh and love much. This necklace is from Under Her Charm. I ordered it several years ago. It's never been worn. There's an S on one of my charm bracelets. It's there to remind me to surrender. I still forget sometimes. 

This went out with nine other pieces of mail today. It's a Flow postcard. Perhaps I should have kept it for myself? I never give up trying to be better though. Fortunately, I do know how to dampen the sparks before my anger ignites the wick to the powder keg. My brother has vitiligo. His skin is slowly turning bone white. He runs the risk of getting skin cancer. It is a cruel illness. There's nothing funny about it.

So, I finally wrote to T. Coates. I tried to wait until my anger had passed. Apparently it has not, since my hands shook while I wrote, and I did not use my best penmanship. I used white-out too. "Race relations" are fragile enough without ignorant people spreading ignorance . . . But wait. Such revelations speak for themselves; they reveal much about the person who says untrue, ignorant things, just as I did by calling Cavett. I could have stuck with his first name for the ultimate insult, but that would be really unkind. Life is hard enough as it is, so even small kindness count. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound . . . Words written by a man who had a change of heart. Perhaps grace will change me too.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't Forget!

Pre-ordering is a good thing. Beautiful stamps enhance mail. Will you go to the World Stamp Show? Will you take me if you do? I'll pay my own way. I'll be good. I won't ask dufus/gufus questions. I'll even buy breakfast our first day there. Please? 

FYI:  There's a cool article in The Simple Life Magazine titled, "The Collector, STAMPS." It's about philatelist, Blair Thompson's unique collection. I have not read it yet but the stamps are worth the eye work.

And, Erin ran a 10K after work the other day!!! Last night I made this postcard for her. The image is the creation of an illustrator I admire beyond explanation, for his use of color, his understanding of, and his ability to demonstrate human anatomy. I told her:  Erin, when you run, run like it's recess! I think she does already

Remember to pre-order the new stamps! And use one on me.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

“The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice an' Women, Gang Aft Agley

I was so excited last night; took me too long to fall asleep.Writing a letter is as good as counting sheep on such nights. 

Broke out the high five note paper cum stationery . . . 

All adrenaline pumps were for naught. A single phone call dashed my dream day. No museum. The Habsburgs had to shine for others instead of for JC and me. He promised we'd go next time he's home. We had a nice lunch at our favorite cafe after I got a new pair of Brooks. To top things off, we stopped by my bookstore and bought a fresh off the press and pallet copy of .. . . drumroll . . . 

You know I'm all about the Flow, about the FLOW, about the Flow! The people at FLOW confused me with this one. It's the size. Is it a European thing? It's roughly 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 3/4. I guess they're less mindful of the size and content than they are about the price, because I feel cheated. Or am I just another greedy American? 

Don't get me wrong. It's a nice, helpful little thing, but . . .  Let me share a peek or three to let you judge for yourself. Hang on . . .

Open. There's this. Right off the bat there's a little sweetness.

See? I told you.Can you read the type at the bottom of the page? It tells you what you can do with them.

There's always a place to stake ownership. I like this one, especially.

You get a little journal. One thought a day? Okay. One is good but I can just see me making a mountain out of which mole hill to to include. (sigh)

Very pretty. Very, very pretty.

Beautiful. For not-so-beautiful words. Maybe beauty softens the things being let go of? What if I run out of space?  

Wouldn't it be nice to have these words inscribed on a simple silver band? I'd wear it on my thumb, or my right index finger.

This would make a great poster. I treated myself as I would treat a good friend who'd had her museum hopes dashed. How often do you?

This is my favorite part! The best part! You knew, didn't you? You suspected? Oh, you should see the stuff they did for snail mailers. Expect some FLOW mail.

I guess Victor Hugo had experience with sinter and sun moments too. At first glance it read, Victor Hug. I kept looking for a Y. As in victory hug, which made even less sense.

Okay. This makes the book worth the price of almost five lattes. I don't do lattes, or blueberry cake donuts anymore either, so make it the price of an oblique nib holder on sale. The page folds out to four-pages-wide collage space. I'll bet no one else ever gave you that much fun space before! I'd like to turn mine into a super long letter. With illustrations? You?

Goodness no. I hope not. I didn't make any such promises! Heck, I don't even know what I was thinking last month, let alone promised. It's a rosy little last page though. And there's a red covered surprise near the end, before this last page, but I won't tell you about it. You have to see for yourself. But, okay, perhaps it's worth the price?

In case you're not convinced, there's this beginning . . .

. . . and this final note.

Four letter/messages and one postcard went out today, thanks to JC. I'll mail packages on Monday. 

Perhaps some of you recall this image from a box of notecards a few years back? It made lovely postcards. I still feel the way this cat looks. And I still enjoy giving the photo a good going over. I can only imagine how long it took to illustrate this. Some people have such amazing talents.

I finally found a use for this box.

Aside from collecting dust, it's perfect for the new nib holder and nibs. I want a nap so it's time to get up and move. I'll go feed the birds, sip a little ice water, shade my eyes and rock for a spell. Have a granddaddy of a day!

With mucho gusto,

P.S. Since no editing was done on this post, please consider all mistakes deliberate and final. The will be no do-overs or refunds. Everything must be read "as is." 


your host

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Longest Day

I just checked the time. It's only 6:00. I started dinner two hours ago. I had to stop. It's too early. I asked for blueberry donut holes from Dunkin Donuts. This will be the second time I've ever eaten anything from DD. I'm craving blueberry donuts. Cake donuts. I think it's because of the words, POWER, DRAMA, EXCESS. I think the advert came last year. I do know that the idea of seeing the exhibit only occurred to me after I saw the date. I was busy turning the ad into a big postcard.

This is it. I think I saw something on PBS about it too. So, halt the postcard-making! I pored over the image after that. How do the explain the wig(s)? The dress? All those bows? No wonder royalty needed dressers. I visited the MFAH's site, and oh, oh, oh, wow me some more. Yes, I have a date for tomorrow. Back when I lived near the museum/theatre district I rarely visited because of the shifts I worked, and none of my friends . . . I'd visit every weekend now if I could. I'm actually excited. Last time I visited the Museum of Natural History I flew off several sets of stairs, arced through the air, landed in the lobby, did an elegant skid for several feet, and came to a stunned stop at the feet of the ticket-taker, in the same place where our tour of Lucy started. 

We learned about the Habsburgs in school. So why do I always-always-always spell  the name Hapsburg? Never mind. I was excited last night too. To distract myself I wrapped several gifts, found the letters meant to be mailed yesterday and today . . . wrote several more . . .

And, finally reused a Barnes&Noble bag for something other than box filler. I didn't know I was following their tip until I saw the please reuse or recycle advice. I really got busy then. The bag was a perfect fit for the box.

Pretty cool, huh?

Romeo got all wrapped up in the project.

This was fun. Almost too much. Artists are such awesome people. As are writers. And colorists.

The FLOW address label, and the other label aren't the best for the graphics, and yes, I could have done better, but . . .

I think the "with care" business almost made up for my lapse, don't you think? I mean, I have papers and ink that match the bag, but so what? I'll get another shot at matching it all  with the next round of gift-sending. Where's the "Handle" you ask? The witch is lying on it of course!

There's more but it's time to start dinner for real this time. I ate the one donut they had, and me thinks it was leftover from this morning. Grease--stale grease rebounds against my palate every time I inhale or swallow. Never again. This has been one of the longest days. May it end soon. Greasy blueberry burps are gross and unfair.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not a Day Goes By . . .

. . . without mail. Or reading. Yes, I had to run into B&N on my way home after an appointment this afternoon. I've bought a few of the adult coloring books they offer, and needed just one more. I saw the paperback the moment I crossed the threshold. The bookseller told me the other day that paperbacks wouldn't be out any time soon! I feel duped. So here's a heads up. They're he-e-re.

Project Red is not quite in full swing just yet, but it's gathering steam. 

I stopped by the discount table at the back of the store, and guess what. I found another set of these beauties. The envelopes are so red! I visited three stores last week in my search for these paper rubies. Their web site let me know they were no longer in stock online, and they might not ever be again. I did not give up hope though. Seeing these today created a great big "lo! and behold" moment in my day. I should show you the fifteen reds I bought at Texas Art Supply! Ooh, lah! Soon. Real soon. And I cannot believe that Blake and Miranda are divorced. Surely it's a publicity stunt.

Okay, so I did buy a new book, but I couldn't help it. I made it as far as page nine before I had to put it aside. My plan is not to read from it again until Sunday evening after the world is awash in heart-felt prayers. Sunday prayers work as buffers against me and the darkness in the world. 

Okay again. I'm subscribing to The Sun again. Used to be I only bought the copies that beckoned to me after I cancelled my subscription. Copies stacked up to shameful levels when I didn't have time to read them religiously, "so where's the sense in that," I asked. The contents can be a little depressing at times, but still . . . there's good writing between those awesome covers.

My once-secret delight, "Garden & Gun" is getting better. There seems to be more content than ads in this issue, making it a cover-to-cover goodie. If I could, I'd scan and upload every page for your enjoyment and proof of what I declare. It's just that good. Since i cannot, I hope you'll grab a copy. 

I bought more of the Aladine nibs. They're not fantastic, but I seem to run through these like a meat-eater goes through toothpicks. No offense intended either, since I know most meat-eaters floss. 

These are from the other day, but don't they seem to match the photo that comes before? I got them to go with the last coloring book I mailed. I forgot to include them, so they're mine now. It was the fonts that got to me. I like type.

Have you calligraphers ever used these? The Plume d'Vie, Schreibfeder Set. It was meant to be a birthday gift until I saw the nibs. These are some of the coolest, different, interesting nibs. To me. I used a French to English translator and still don't know what Plume d'Vie means. Do you?

The bottle of ink has a cool seal. It's sienna. 

The wooden nib holder is so sweet. It feels good. It has a nice heft. Inserting and removing the nibs is a bother though. I'm still not comfortable using the needle nose pliers yet, so my left index finger bears scars from previous battles with bare naked fingers against metal. There are other details I want to share. Hopefully it will happen tomorrow. No, I'm not keen on this feather. Someone gets a gift!

I do like how that feather and this pine cone match. I picked it up just outside the office building after my appointment. I've never had a pine cone prick me before, and I'm a native Texan. We teethe on these things. Notice how each separate whatever you call it bears a resemblance to sections of pineapple skin? I wonder if they're somehow related. And what is there about it that needs prickles to protect it? We used to use pine cones for grenades when we were kids. We built forts from pine needles and lobbed our cones like we were in trenches. On our stomachs! (sigh) Those were the days. Someone would be blind today had those cones been prickly.

I broke in my newest watercolors last night. I couldn't find the other three pocket sets. Shame on me, but they needed using, otherwise why buy them. Right?

You deserve a close-up. (wink) Wax seals cover more than flap tips and any number of sins if they happen below the "concellator." That tip came from a postal clerk! Another tip:  If you haven't used watercolors in a while, practice first. And erase pencil lines, even on Crane envelopes. Or not. If wax catches fire . . . blow like you're the big bad wolf and all three of those three little pigs mooned you. 

Enjoy your efforts. Be ever mindful that pretty is as pretty does. Add a stamp after the address, and don't forget to mail your little project. I'll get this into tomorrow's mail. 

Embellishments matter. And remember that not day goes by that doesn't have mail in it for someone.